So what’s cake got to do with the web world?

Just like a lovely cake, successful projects require the right
amount of ingredients to succeed. Stunning design,
quality code, a thorough strategy and a kick ass marketing
plan are all required if your business is going to make a bang
in today’s competitive markets. Luckily, we’re pretty handy
when it comes to anything digital...and cakes

p.s. we do other things too, take a look.



There's no dark arts or whichcraft
involved, just good old fashioned
knowledge and hardwork.

Search Engine Optimisation & Pay-Per-Click

Right, the lovely looking web-site means nothing if it's not marketed in the right way. Simply put, people need to find you. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are just a couple of ways to do this. SEO takes a little longer, but done right the impact can be HUGE. PPC is more instant and can deliver leads right away, but combined together can be an unstoppable force for your business.

What's all this Like and Tweet malarky?

The world of Social Media can be a scary and confusing place. Just as you think you've nailed the 'Like' and 'Tweet', something else comes along and complicates everything. But, just having an account set up and preaching to everyone and anyone isn't enough. Used in the right way it can be an incredibly cost effective way of getting your name out to the masses. It's easier than ever to start an overnight phenomenon and we can help push your brand across the web and help measure and gauge it's success.

Quick and easy E-marketing

E-marketing is a quick and easy way of reaching your audience. The results are instant and measurable. As with everything, there's a psychology behind the messaging and a science behind technology ensuring your message helps pass through spam filters and delivers to your target audience. We have helped deliver extremely successful campaigns for some of the UK's top brands.

Online Strategy

Design & Development

Digital Marketing

& Apps

Brand Identity

Print & Illustrations

Hosting & Support

White label

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