So what’s cake got to do with the web world?

Just like a lovely cake, successful projects require the right
amount of ingredients to succeed. Stunning design,
quality code, a thorough strategy and a kick ass marketing
plan are all required if your business is going to make a bang
in today’s competitive markets. Luckily, we’re pretty handy
when it comes to anything digital...and cakes

p.s. we do other things too, take a look.



We all need a bit of 'TLC' from
time to time. We'll ensure your
website is always tip top.

Safe & Secure Hosting

Following the website build your site will need a home to live in, this is called Website Hosting. So when someone searches for your website, the internet effectively tells the user where your site is living. Generally all our clients after the website build host with us. This makes updates and repairs easier.

Long Term Partnerships

We thrive to help companies succeed and believe we offer the best customer service in the business, our communication skills are great and we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. We're looking for a long term relationship with all our clients, so whether it's a word here and there that needs changing on your website or you wish to add new functionality, we're always available and contactable.

On-going support

We always want to work with our clients on an on-going basis, which is why we offer on-going support. Should you need us in the future we're happy to create a support package that fits your needs. Usually our support packages combine an excellent response time as well as an agreed number of working hours on a monthly basis, but our main concern is to ensure your business succeeds and grows.

Online Strategy

Design & Development

Digital Marketing

& Apps

Brand Identity

Print & Illustrations

Hosting & Support

White label

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