So what’s cake got to do with the web world?

Just like a lovely cake, successful projects require the right
amount of ingredients to succeed. Stunning design,
quality code, a thorough strategy and a kick ass marketing
plan are all required if your business is going to make a bang
in today’s competitive markets. Luckily, we’re pretty handy
when it comes to anything digital...and cakes

p.s. we do other things too, take a look.


Instagram is still trouncing Twitter in brand engagement

Instagram’s has exceeded past Twitter in terms of active users, 300 million to 284 million, was significant news last week, even creating discussion about whether Instagram could unseat Twitter eventually as the top social news service. This is the big battle which will not be settled soon; however, this week social analytics company Socialbakers mentioned to marketers that in terms of engagement, Instagram has already Blowing Twitter away. Socailbakers compared the top 25 brands in Instagram engagement with the top 25 on Twitter and found per post engagement rates nearly 50 times higher on Instagram.

Judging by the three months of data that ended on 9th December, the company discovered that the typical Instagram post for a major brand has a per fan engagement rate of 3.31% (taking into account likes and comments), whereas the top brands on Twitter are seeing a Twitter engagement rate of 0.07% per tweet, counting retweets, replies and favourites. Over this three month span, brands that appear on the lists averaged 38 times more total interactions on Instagram (6.5 million a month) than Twitter (167,000). Socialbakers did not release the full lists however they shared some interesting results from the five brands that appeared on both: Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, GoPro, Forever21 and Aeropostale.

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