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Helpful Tips To Optimize Your Landing Page

Landing pages are the first point of call for new users that come to your website. Your landing page will offer a representation of your brand, and it can be a really useful tool for capturing leads and driving sales. Nevertheless, your landing page will not help convert users if you haven’t optimised them for generating leads. It is crucial to keep a movement to your page and show clear value and direction for users through quality content and design. Enhance your campaigns and drive more sales by providing a seamless user journey.

An effective landing page is most effective when it can convey your benefits and calls to action clearly and quickly. Many studies have shown that keeping it simple leads to a 96% increase in customer loyalty, 86% increase in likelihood to make a purchase and 115% increase in likelihood to recommend. It’s important that you keep the delivery simple by providing concise, bite-sized content and simplistic design which will direct a visitor through the page clearly.

Leverage a one-column layout to create more control over what people will read as the design will draw attention to the copy and draw users to scan the page from top to bottom. It’s important to use visual components strategically to make calls to action pop and draw attention to your key points. It’s important to be direct with users and provide them with a story, offer them something for their time, and ask for their information or even a sale. You must explain your story quickly in an easy to read format, leveraging design and formatting like bullet points to increase clarity.

Baring in mind that simplicity boosts engagement and conversion rates; eliminate any duplicate features by combining them or removing all together. Too many features on a page can make it seem cluttered, which might disrupt the flow you are trying to establish for visitors. Combine links for contact, phone numbers, customer service or call now into a single “Contact Us” link. In addition, a simplified navigation can help users to explore other pages on your website without being distracted from your calls to action. If your landing page is simple and appealing, users will find where to get in touch with you and understand how best to engage.

Balance is very important in marketing. When querying users to engage on your landing page by completing a form, making a purchase or contacting your business. It is crucial to provide something of value in return. When you offer an incentive to engage people, like a free month of service or download, you can increase conversions and establish stronger relationships with users. Users do understand that your business’s prime goal is to get them to make a purchase, so try and avoid being pushy with sales material whilst still being direct about the recommended action that you want them to take.

Attempt to showcase your benefits rather than talking about your products or recommending features rather than showing equal selections to help boost conversions whilst still remaining unobtrusive. It’s important not to talk too much about yourself, let your consumers do it for you. Utilising user-generated content in your landing page copy can help you increase trust and encourage users to pursue action. 92% of customers trust earned media above all other forms of advertising.

Present to potential customers that other people are using your product or service by including user testimonials, customer reviews and social brand mentions on your page. Strong calls to action can help transport your benefits and direct users to interact. In order to boost clarity, make sure to echo your page focus in your headlines, content and calls to action. If your landing page does show how dip onto page two, simply repeat your call to action again at the end of the page to increase visibility and remind users to engage.  By having a clear actionable button or form at the end of the page, users can engage without the need to scroll back to the top and search for where to interact.

Once you have developed strong landing pages, your brand can increase the effectiveness of online campaigns and expand its online influence. You should use landing pages to customise your messaging with customers and build stronger brand engagement. By creating your own company identity for unique audience segments, you are able to increase your engagement throughout all digital assets and be seen as an authority within your space.

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