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How Microsoft Plans For Windows 10 To Rule The World By Leveraging iOS & Android

Microsoft is going to make it easier to turn iOS and Android apps into Windows apps, effectively hoping to use those platforms to catapult Microsoft and Windows 10 into new greatness. Build is Microsoft’s big yearly gathering for developers. It started today with an opening keynote, the most important aspects was that Microsoft is making tools available so that – it says – developers who have created iOS and Android apps can simply bring them to Windows. Even Chrome apps can be modified simply, Microsoft stated, to run in Microsoft’s new Microsoft Edge browser (formally called Project Spartan).

There were a few demonstrations of this, with promises that it is all simplistic. If this does prove to be evident, it could be incredibly attractive to developers. For very little additional work, they can tap into the Windows platform. Additionally, this is not the traditional Windows platform many might be thinking, that operating system that runs on the desktop. Windows 10 is a multi-device platform. Write for Windows 10 once, and the same code can run apps for desktop, tablet, smartphone and even HoloLens. Microsoft made a big deal that the Windows “device family” will be 1 billion strong, when Windows 10 finally comes out later this year.

Microsoft stated that means that it is about twice the size of Android and even larger than iOS. And that size, it also says, matters because developers will have a larger audience to make money from. How it all really plays out remains to be seen, of course. But that’s the promise Microsoft dangled in front of its developer audiences today.

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