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How can marketers use videos to capture maximum Internet traffic

There isn’t a doubt that videos with search engine optimised (SEO) titles, descriptions and keywords earn higher rankings over images and text results on Google searches. As well as this, videos with eye-catching thumbnails tend to encourage more clicks.

Video content can be easily embedded on corporate websites, shared with prospective clients in email campaigns, and used for internal communication and training programs. They can be easily repurposed for multiple viewing platforms, including smartphones and tablets. Videos embrace cross-platform marketing – be it Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, or Instagram. Optimised repurposed videos thrive on all channels and can be easily shared for social consumption.

In the contemporary digital landscape, videos are emerging as a quintessential marketing tool for brands. As a marketer, one can deduce useful insights about one’s targeted consumers by analysing data like the number of views, likes, demographic, geographic locations and watch-time. Video marketing can also be leveraged to convey brand message by choosing voice tones and branding styles. Saying that, it becomes really important for brands to incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing strategy.

Digital video marketing is in a nascent stage, with the right tools and strategies still evolving. Issues do arise when marketers try to apply the same traditional marketing concepts to a digital video order that changes in real time.

Marketers need to remember that digital video marketing is much quicker, engaging and participatory than traditional marketing. To make video marketing work, there has to be a two-way shareable connection between marketers and consumers.

It can’t be denied that adding videos to marketing efforts can generate more leads and sales for abrand. Being visible on video streaming channels opens the brand up to new audiences and, therefore, new potential customers. Digital video marketing is easy to adopt, if implemented appropriately. There are a few vital steps in the digital video marketing value chain, which marketers must adopt to minimise inefficiencies and failures and to maximise ROL.

  • Firstly, marketers should incorporate videos in their content strategies, clearly defining target audience, target markets, platforms, video metrics and ROI expected from video campaigns.
  • Marketers must stress on creating custom SEO videos by embedding best-in-class search and discovery tools (including metadata, keywords, tags, and transcripts).
  • There must be a meticulously planned video distribution strategy, ensuring a seamless distribution of video content to relevant audience via various social media channels. Videos should also be embedded with social sharing functionalities and customised call-to-action in the form of overlays, annotations, linear messaging or branding features.
  • Finally, distributed video content must be monitored and measured against defined goals and video metrics, thus implementing the learnings in real time.

To assist marketers effectively implement video marketing strategies, there are various digital video marketing agencies in play. They specialise in end-to-end digital video supply chain management with defined success parameters which will guide marketers achieve desired goals. Whatever the case may be, video are the latest thing and marketers cannot afford to lose the advantage they could provide.

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